Rice Noodles or Rice Pasta Tonight

Rice Pasta is cooked by boiling and rice noodles can be cooked in different ways. Noodles can be cooked in water and drained.  They can be cooked in broth, fried, served in soup or chilled to serve with a salad. Pasta has a long history dating back to 1st century BCE and was also found in the writings of Horace. Uncooked pasta can sit in the cupboard for a year. The oldest known noodles were found by archeologists in 2002. The bowl of noodles was roughly 4,000 years old.

Here is the breakdown of nutritional value of Noodles vs Pasta.

Noodles cooked 1 cup, Sodium 1%, Calories 192, Fat 1%, Dietary Fiber 7%, Carbohydrates 15%.

Pasta cooked 1 cup, Sodium 127%, Calaries  600, Fat 33%, Carbohydrate 41%.

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